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Mass Schedule

Our Lady of Hope


Saturday Evening Vigil 4:00PM


Sunday Morning Mass 8:30AM & 11:30AM



   Monday          9:00 AM

   Tuesday         9:00 AM

   Wednesday    9:00 AM

   Thursday       9:00 AM

Reconciliation Saturday, 3:00PM - 3:00PM

    (also by appointment)


Join us every Tuesday, 9:30AM and 7:00PM, at the church.





Eucharistic Adoration


St. Luke




Saturday Evening Vigil 5:30PM


Sunday Morning Mass 10:00AM



     Friday      9:00AM

     Saturday  9:00AM

Reconciliation Saturday, 4:30PM - 5:00PM

(also by appointment)



Holy Day of Obligation and Special
Mass Times

Updated: 11/27/23

December 7, 7:00PM, OLH - Immaculate Conception Vigil Mass
December 8, 9:00AM, St Luke - Immaculate Conception 

December 8, 10:00, OLH - School Mass for Immaculate Conception
December 24, 4:00PM, OLH - Children’s Christmas Eve Mass

December 24, 6:00PM, St Luke - Christmas Eve Mass

December 24, 10:00PM, St Luke -  Christmas Eve Mass
December 25, 9:00AM, St Luke - Christmas Day Mass
December 25, 11:00AM, OLH - Christmas Day Mass

January 1, 9:00AM, OLH - Solemnity of Mary Mass

January 1, 7:00PM, St Luke - Solemnity of Mary Mass

Eucharistic Adoration

Join us every First Friday of the month for time spent in prayer with our Eucharistic Lord. From 9:30AM until 11:00AM, the Blessed Sacrament is exposed for adoration at St. Luke Church. At 11:00AM, join us for Benediction and reposition.

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