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"May my teaching soak in like the rain, and my utterance drench like the dew, like a downpour upon the grass, like a shower upon the crops. For I will proclaim the name of the LORD, praise the greatness of our God" (Dueteronomy 32:2-3).

Adult Faith Formation


All Christians are called to constantly seek the Face of Christ and to deepen their relationship with our Savior. Through programs of Adult Education, parishioners are offered the opportunity to learn more about our Faith, about the Church, and about our wonderful Lord who draws us into a real, persoanl relationship with Him. At Our Lady of Hope & St. Luke Parishes, we share many opportunities to study Scripture, share fellowship, and learn about the Church and Her Lord Jesus. Consider joining one of these groups, and see how God opens up your heart to Christ's love for you!

Scripture Study

Have you ever wanted to understand Scripture at a deeper level? Does the Bible confuse or even frighten you? Consider joining one of our Scripture study groups, where people just like you read and study the books of the Bible, in order to better understand God's holy Word to us. We currently have two groups:


Wednesday at 11:00AM

Our Lady of Hope Rectory


Monday at 6:30PM:

St. Luke Library


All are welcome!

Faith Formation

Everyone can stand to learn more about their realtionship with God. Through periodic Faith Formation Programs, Series, and one-night talks, Parishioners get the chance to go deeper into the mystery of our Faith and see how Jesus continues to call and surprise us with His love and His presence. Watch for these events on our Events page,or

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