Holy Week Schedule

Holy Thursday - March 29

           Mass of the Lord's Supper


           St. Luke Church


           Visitation of the Blessed Sacrament

           8 - 10:00pm

           St. Luke Church

Good Friday - March 30


           Ecumenical Walk with the Cross


           Begin at Hughes Memorial Presbyterian (Sparrows Pt. Rd.)                   and end at St. Luke Church with Stations of the Cross to                     follow


           Commemoration of the Passion of the Lord


           Our Lady of Hope



           St. Luke

Holy Saturday - March 31


           Blessing of Easter Food


           Our Lady of Hope & St. Luke Churches


           Easter Vigil with Reception of New Catholics


           Our Lady of Hope


     (Note: There is no 4 or 5:30pm Mass on Saturday before Easter)

Easter Sunday - April 1


           Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord

           8:30am - Our Lady of Hope

           9:00am - St. Luke

           11:00am - St. Luke

           11:30am - Our Lady of Hope