Our Faith Fully Awake

So this was an ordinary day in the life of Peter, James, and John as they followed Jesus up the mountain so they could pray. This was an experience of a lifetime. Peter James and John were not expecting much. They fell asleep. They weren’t ready for what was about to happen. They weren't ready for a miracle.

But things happened beyond their expectations ----beyond what they thought--- they saw Jesus in all his glory- His clothes became dazzling white, and He appeared with Moses, the great lawgiver ---Moses was the one who had received the Ten Commandments and had died thousands of years earlier, and Elijah, the prophet, who had been taken to heaven in a chariot.

The Apostles didn’t know what to say because they were terrified.

An ordinary day brings an extraordinary life-changing experience.

Yes, Jesus was transfigured. His face shown like the sun and his clothes became dazzling white

Why did this happen?

It happened for Jesus because God the Father was affirming Jesus, giving him the inspiration to go to the cross. It happened so that Peter James and John would know that Jesus is the Son of God.

Peter James and John were transformed; they fell to the ground; their life would never be the same.

They were able to see with new eyes. They woke up and what they saw their lives changed.

They experienced a transformation –something in their lives that would change their perspective something they would never forget -- it would let them see with a new set of eyes


That’s what spiritual experiences do for us—they make real what we hope for –

If Peter, James, and John were to live for Christ, they had to be sure that Jesus was who he said he is ----the Son of God and here God the Father said this is my beloved son

Peter James and John were transformed; they saw the glory of God and they were changed.

They could hear that God called Jesus my chosen Son.

Now they could go out and proclaim the good news of Christ—they had to think about what Jesus meant by rising from the dead—Jesus was referring to his resurrection, which we celebrate at Easter—

What does God teach us here?

First, what if Jesus asked us to follow him up a mountain? Would we go or we hesitate and then say no?

We have to allow God to help us to see the many experiences in our lives- the miracles we don’t see.

Just like Abraham in the first reading, he had to learn to trust God, and God sent him a burning fire-pot so that Abraham would know the Lord was speaking to him.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to recognize miracles that God is acting in our lives. Most of the time by the time, we get in the car, and we get out of the parking lot we’ve forgotten what happened at mass ---

We can lose the thought of any transformation. The Holy Spirit can give us a new perspective.

Peter was always the one who wanted things to stay the same. He wanted to build tents, but our life is one which moves forward- we draw closer to God ---Christian life is never stagnant- we are always growing.

We see that the fundamental beliefs of the church remain the same. There will always be the Sacraments, the Eucharist, and the Church.

But there are changes. In our local Archdiocese, there has been closing of schools; pastorates, the combining of parishes. We want things to change the same, but they can’t. As our society changes, the Church must respond. Our vocation as disciples requires that we respond to the changes of society, and to the needs of the church. We pray that we can be “fully awake” and be aware of what is happening around us. What if we came into Church and prayed that we would experience the church in a new way. For instance, we can pray for others. We can be aware of who we meet and what their needs are.

Each of us has experience in our lives, and they are different for each one of us. Let’s be aware of what is happening. Let’s ask God to enlighten us.

When we are aware of the events in our lives, we can see God’s hand gently transforming us.

And as we are more and more aware of these God-centered events the more we learn to trust God the more we can find the peace that God has intended for us all along. God knows that we can be afraid- change can scare us. Just as God the Father affirmed Jesus, we see what a loving God we have, God affirms us. Today, let us allow Jesus to take us up the mountain and be aware that God has great expectations for us.

Maybe we don’t know the future, what changes there will be in our lives, but we do know that God is there for us. Our citizenship is in heaven. While we are here, we are called to be fully awake- fully alive.

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