Our Love Story

Each of us has a favority love story. We hear them all the time. We grew up on love stories, and we can remember the love stories in which there were struggles -Not only would two people may have fallen in love but where they had to overcome tension in their relationship, or together they had to fight for something. Those love stories become stronger for us. We remember them well -a husband and wife struggling through relationships; a mother and father fighting for their children; and today we remember our ancestors who struggled through their own love stories. Today we mark the veterans those who showed their love by devotion. it is good for each one of us to begin writing our own love story, to go back and remember, or to write the love story of our ancestors, so that we can remember why we are here today. every love story is unique and personal.

The Gospel today gives us a clear purpose in life. God sets out for us the clear boundaries and freedoms-to love the Lord, your God, “With all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.” It's not always easy to do. It takes effort. it takes perseverance. It takes living with a sense of purpose.

Where do we start loving God? We have to start by realizing first how much God loves us; that to share his love for us, he created us, he gives us the ability to understand., to be created in His image and likeness. This means that we can participate in God's creation; there we can look around and see the world the universe Stars, the changing leaves;we be getting to know that life is happening all around us. and if that wasn't enough we have some sense of understanding that God loves us, enough to come to Earth To Die For Us, so that we may live for all eternity.

Conscience tells us what's right and what's wrong. most of us can pretty easily list the things in our life we would like to change. Sometimes we may think the things in our life are only minor sins, or venial sins, and therefore don't affect others.

How do you measure love? We can't use our yardstick or ruler. it's easy to measure piece of wood, or the length and the width of a room. To a certain extent we can measure height, but it's beyond ou

r ability to measure the distance to the Stars, we may know what a mile is, but it's hard to measure a light year .

We can measure our love for God by how we think, what we do, how we speak, and how we serve. Loving God with all of our soul means that at the very essence of our being we want to get to know more about God; we want to know more about others; we want to be able to serve; to have compassion; to read and study scripture; the try to understand; and to have the strength to withstand temptation.

We may have resentment or jealousy in our life, but loving God means that we want to be free of that resentment and jealousy and to turn it into love and compassion.

We can't separate God for my neighbor,our friends, our families. how we treat or speak to others is a good indication of how we love God.

That's what the kingdom of God is all about. It is a kingdom In which the leader Jesus Christ doesn't rulel over us, but dies for us. It is a kingdom marked with love; in which we want to understand each other better; seek a closer relationship with one another; a kingdom which is marked by encouragement and hope. It is the kingdom of God we all hope to live in, and we can help make that happen.

This week we are adding to our intercessions the names of those who were murdered in Baltimore City during the week. There are 11 names on the list today. This week we remember our veterans; at St. Luke there will be a flag raising ceremony. We can measure the love of our veterans by their dedication and service.

And this week we can try to measure our own life. Does it measure up to what we could be doing? We can also begin by keeping a list of our blessings in life; maybe the ones we've overlooked or taken for granted. The kingdom of God may be filled with people who lack material needs, who suffer from the threat of violence.

We are called to love God in return for His love for us, and for one aother. That’s part of our love story- how we love God with all of heart, soul, mind, and heart.

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