Heartbreak Hotel

There have been thousands of country and blues songs about the brokenhearted- from “Heartbreak Hotel” to Blue Christmas, and the Bee Gees “How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?” To Hank Williams' “I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry.” Each song has been written based on the songwriter’s experience.

In the first reading today, we hear that Job has reached the point of despair. He seems to have given up. He wonders whether or not our life is worth it. There is no hope. He even says that he will not see happiness again. The nights seem to drag on, and he only remembers months of misery.

The Responsorial Psalm today promises that God heals the brokenhearted. The Gospel today seems to be the contrast of Job's despair. Jesus heals Simon's mother-in-law. She is healed of her fever, and then waits on them. The whole town is gathered to see Jesus. They are all waiting to see Jesus. He cured those who were sick, and raises the hopes of all those in the town. Jesus did not despair when his Apostles came to tell him that “everyone is looking for you. “Jesus gets up and goes into their synagogue the churches and tells them about the hope of the kingdom of God.

It is good news for us to know that God is aware of our suffering. God knows that the burdens of this life can weigh heavily on us and can easily lead us into despair- thinking that we are alone and that there is no one else around to help us. Jesus knew that the world needs hope- hope of healing; hope of comfort; hope of eternal life. Without Jesus, life can be a drudgery; life is difficult because there would be no purpose. Without knowing of the eternal life that God has prepared for us, without knowing that every event in our life has a new and useful purpose, we would fall into despair just like Job.

Hope is not just looking forward to something to happen in the future, it is the way we live now. With it Jesus's assurances of forgiveness and healing and comfort, we can rise above the challenges we face each day. When we praise God we take our focus off of our burdens, and accept that God has a great plan for each of our lives, and that each of our lives has a purpose and a meaning. Jesus heals the brokenhearted. He binds up our wounds. God not only numbers each of the Stars, God has named each one of us. God calls each one of us by name, freeing us of despair.

When we praise God we begin to have or more positive view of life. Listen to what Saint Paul says in the second reading. Go out and tell people about your faith, and you will be inspired yourself. If you encourage others you will be encouraged; begin to have the attitude of listening to others and caring for their needs. Today, Jesus reaches out his hand to help us. It is time for us to give the Jesus our hurts; to ask Jesus to heal us from the Heartbreak that can come from broken relationships- the times you have been hurt, the times we feel offended, and, of course, the times we have been betrayed

. God doesn't want us to come to mass each week; to participate in the mass; to sing with everyone; give each other the sign of peace, and then to return home with the same burdens. Each mass for us should be a time of transformation -a time that we allow Christ to heal us. Happiness is not something in the future that only works when everything is perfect. It is only when we accept things the way they are, now, that we can be happy in the future, because things will never be perfect, until we get to heaven. We are the ones were knocking at the door, we are the ones who are looking to Jesus, and Jesus will not hesitate to respond to us, just like in the gospel, Jesus will get up and heal us.

Our Hope does not have to be something that we simply look forward to; it can be right now at this moment at this mass, at this celebration, when we give each other the sign of peace; when we receive communion; and when we sing the songs. The mass itself is a healing process. It helps us leave here renewed and strengthened, so that we may know that life is not a drudgery; that life has meaning and purpose; and that each one of us has meaning and purpose.

How can we mend a broken heart? By giving that heart to Jesus, because only Jesus is the one who has endured all things. Jesus was once betrayed too, but that did not stop Him from the cross, and it was not powerful enough to stop Resurrection. We can leave here today with a new

Instead of singing Heartbreak Hotel as our final song, we can be inspired by another song,

“Your love keeps lifting me higher.

Because that's what love does, it lifts us up -That's how we mend a broken heart

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