I Know Who You Are!

What an amazing event in the Gospel today. The people were astonished! Jesus walks into the synagogue, the church; on the Sabbath, the holiest day of the week, and he cast out an evil demon. They experienced Jesus. Imagine if Jesus would walk down the aisle today, just like he did in the Gospel, and there was someone wildly running around, and Jesus immediately calms him down. We, too, would be astonished. We would experience Jesus, not just hearing about a story, but actually being there. We would know that Jesus is just not talking about, but that He is God.

Everyone thought that there was no one greater than Moses. Moses was the one who talked to God; who received the Ten Commandments directly from God; who walked up the mountain, and who was always the people's representative before God.

Now, Jesus is standing in front of them, and he is not just the representative of God, or an agent of God; He is not just a press agent for God. Jesus is God, and He has come to Earth. He is taking on our human flesh, so that we may know the forgiveness of sins, and have eternal life.

Although the people may have been astonished, and wondering about Jesus-- the demon, the evil one, knew exactly what was happening. The demon knew that evil cannot prevail over good. He knew that if he was to go against God, that he wouldn't stand a chance. This person possessed by a demon knew who Jesus is. The demon says in the Gospel, “ I Know Who You. You are the Holy One of God…What he was saying was, even if no one else recognizes you, I know who you are.

Before Jesus, there was always a conflict between good and evil, now we know that Jesus wins! The battle is over.

Jesus is not just a prophet or a teacher, but God himself. The one who created us out of love; the one who is always been willing to give us life for eternity. God who is always surrounding us with his love. Jesus is always good.

This Gospel today challenges us to ask: do we really know who Jesus is? Do we know that we are created by God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit? Yes, we often think that just God the Father created us, but the Trinity is always one. The Trinity created us ( Catechism 290-292). Do we know that even though we, as a human race, rejected God, that God, now, because of Jesus, can never reject us. Jesus became one of us; our very brother, our savior, Our Redeemer.

God paid the penalty for our sins, and we never even deserved it, so that we may live in peace, not only in this life, but for all eternity.

Can we say, when we sit down in prayer, in our conversation with Jesus, can we say, “I Know Who You Are." You are the one who loves me, who will always love me, who is committed to me. I know that you love me even when I'm sinful.

Jesus is the one who calls us to follow him, for our own good, for our own blessing.

In the second reading today, Paul tells us that we should be free of anxieties; free of the tensions that can burden us each day; free of the things which keep us from loving God in return.

In the “Our Father,” we pray that God would deliver us from evil. Then, the priest says the prayer after the Our Father,

“Deliver Us Lord from every evil and graciously grant us peace in our days, that, by the help of your mercy, we may be always free from sin and safe from all distress…”

This is God’s will for us. In the Mass, we are praying back to God, what God wants for us.

We have come here to find peace. God wants to deliver us from evil. It is only by the help of God's grace, and God's mercy, that we can achieve this peace that we are all looking for. Yes, Jesus has the power over evil.

Today is the day we can say to Jesus, “ I Know Who You Are. You are the Holy One of God.”

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