Hello! God is Calling!

Hello, God? Is that you? How did you get my cell phone number? A lot of my friends have been telling me that you were trying to get in touch with me. I saw that you called, but I didn't recognize the number.

I'm sorry I've been so out of touch, lately. Things are really busy. It seems like between work, my family, and making sure I have enough time to relax, I don't have time to do anything else. Right now, I'm listening. What is it that you wanted?

Yes, I think I know that you love me. I know that you want what is best for me. But I feel like I have too many responsibilities, and sometimes I just don't feel like doing anything.”

God says, “Are you ready to follow me now. I just want you to be happy and peaceful, and you can only find that if you follow me. Come and see. I'll call you later. Stay in touch.”

God calls each one of us, just like He called Samuel in the first reading. We might not recognize it at first. It is part of our being the human person, because we are created in the image and likeness of God, that we can learn to understand God and should love God in return for the love that he has for us. God called Samuel but Samuel didn't recognize it, so he asked Eli the prophet. Sometimes we have “prophets” in our lives -people to whom we can go to seek discernment and to see how God is calling us. Finally, it's up to each one of us. Eli told Samuel to go back to sleep, and continue listening. Samuel finally said, “Speak Lord for your servant is listening.” For God, trying to get us to listen is half the battle. We're surrounded by the beauty of all things calling us to God. We're surrounded by the beauty of creation. We are surrounded by people, the family of God, our own families, and the Holy Spirit within us. God is always calling, but because of our human failure, we are not always listening.

When Jesus called the apostles, he asked them the question - “What are you looking for.” In our lives, we can ask ourselves the same question. What are we looking for? What is it that we want to get out of life? When the apostles asked a question, “Where are you staying?” Jesus said “Come, and you will see.” It was four o’clock in the afternoon, late in the day, and the apostles decided to follow Jesus. Andrew called his brother, Simon Peter, because when you have good news, you want to share it with someone close to you. So now, Andrew and Peter, become the first apostles. They followed Jesus, not exactly knowing where they were going. There was no road map. No GPS. There was no guarantee of where they would end up, but they knew that they could trust Jesus.They knew that whatever it was, that Jesus would give them the answers that they were seeking.

God is calling each one of us - not just priest and nuns - but for those in married life to live an honorable way of life; to seek God either alone or as a couple; in our jobs, in our employment, at school; in all we do, we can bring God to every part of our lives. We can bring God to our families. Being a mother or father is a calling; being a son or a daughter is a calling; being a grandparent; being a brother or sister, aunt or uncle, friend co-worker; being a student; - these are our callings as Disciples of Christ. Once we decide to follow Christ, then our lives begin to fall in order. We may begin to recognize that we may be following the wrong path or listening to the wrong people, but we realize that we can always get back on track, and that God is always willing to forgive us, and give us a new start.

Then we are ready to make the call,

“Hello, God. This is me. I'm ready to follow- your servant is listening.”

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