The Man Born Blind Worships Jesus

Although we may be able to see with our eyes, we can often go through life blind. We cannot see the whole vision of life. We cannot see ourselves being formed in the womb. We cannot see ourselves in the future. We can only imagine how things will be, and what we may look like. We can’t see the end of this life, and can only imagine what life will be like in heaven. This is one of the reasons, the Lord wants us to go to church- because it lifts our minds and hearts out of our shortsightedness, and gives us a vision of God.

It is possible for many people in the church today to remain blind. They may be unwilling or to open their eyes to the glories of God, so they never follow Jesus’ instruction to the Pool of Siloam. In life, we can become satisfied in a simple daily routine without God, and then panic when crisis comes along. We begin to think that something is wrong with us; that we just can’t handle the problems we face; and we don’t know how to solve them.

Our first step is to believe that we can be healed. The blind man had to make a decision whether to go the pool of Siloam. Jesus put clay on his eyes and said go to Siloam and wash. So the blind man went and came back able to see. Even when the blind man was questioned over and over again, he simply said, "He put clay on my eyes, and I washed, and now I can see." It was that simple. All the blind man had to do was to do as Jesus had asked. Simple directions, simple following, amazing results.

The question which arises in the Gospel is whether we would be willing to go to the pool and wash. We would have to find our way there, blind, so it would take a little effort. Then questions arise—Why can’t Jesus just heal me here? Did he forget that I am blind and have trouble getting around? We could find a thousand excuses not to go. That is the way it is with us. We can easily find excuses why our lives are not closer to the Lord. Part of it is that we have learned to question everything. It is hard to put our trust in someone. We have learned that we need to be independent. But Jesus gives us simple directions. It is hard to be led by a shepherd. But Jesus is someone we can trust. We can try to become more active in our prayer life, attend the Holy Week liturgies.

Be willing to open our eyes, giving thanks to God for the physical sight we do have, and asking God to give us the spiritual vision of our eternal life, and the fulfilling life God has planned for us now.

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