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Our Lady of Hope, Saint Luke, and the Archdiocese of Baltimore is dedicated to the protection of children and youth.  In addition to screening all volunteers before they are able to serve in any ministry, the Archdiocese also requires each parish and school to provide Family Life education each year.  This program is designed to be age appropriate, and focuses on right relationships, discovering whom God called you to be, and helping to educate children about safe environments. 


While each location is required to present this program, parents/guardians are given options for this program based on their preferences.  Parents/guardians are able to homeschool, opt-in, and opt-out of the Family Life program.  Each family will receive a copy of a declination page for each child they have registered in the program.  Parents are asked to return this form to the Faith Formation office no later than December 20.  For students that have not returned the form, they will be excused from class during the Family Life program during Faith Formation classes.  


For more information, or for another copy of the declination form, please use the buttons below.

Form image.png

Declination Form

The required form for parents/guardians to communicate their preferences for their child(ren).


Sample Chapter

A sample chapter from grade 4 of the program.  This is from the student book.



A look at the scope and sequence of the Family Life program


Sample Chapter

A sample chapter from grade 4 of the program.  This is from the parent's guide.  We will be sending home the parent guide to all families.


Five Themes

A video from the program's publisher.  This video talks about the five themes of the program. 


Topics Covered

This file shows which topics are covered by grade and chapter. 

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